The Group’s area covers some 150,000 hectares. The group is split into five sub groups which reflect the main deer movements.

North Sub Group:-
Bighouse East, RSPB Forsinard East, Dorrery Farm, Dorrery Estate, Sandside, Shurrery

West Sub Group 1:-
Armadale Farm, Armadale Estate (Bowside), Bighouse West, Skelpick & Rhifail, Syre, Rossal

West Sub Group 2:-
Achentoul West, Badanloch, RSPB Forsinard West, Number One Holding

South Sub Group 1:-
Achentoul East, Braemore, Caen, Langwell, Navidale Farm, RSPB Knockfin, Suisgill, Torrish

South Sub Group 2:-
Achkeepster, Braehour & Backlass, Dalnawillan & Rumsdale, Dunbeath, Glutt, Latheronwheel, RSPB Strathmore & Blar nam Faoileag

NDMG Sub-Groups